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More sales for your Outdoor Store

Get 16 ways to improve your store website without more software or staff

You just made the jump from outdoor enthusiast to entrepreneur.

You wanted to turn your passion into a business.

You came up with a name and a URL. Check.

You got a designer to set up your website. Check.

You secured a supply of product. Check.

You're handling everything by yourself. Customer service. Marketing. Packing. Shipping.

Not so great, but you'll manage.

Launch day comes and...crickets.

Did you forget to add in the sale triggers?

You need a list of must-haves for Outdoor eCommerce based on best practices for online sales.

The Outdoor Store Checklist covers stuff like:

  • Why people land on your site and immediately leave and what to do about it
  • How to borrow credibility, even if you haven't sold anything yet
  • How to get testimonials for your products
  • How to reverse risk so customers don't think you're going to scam them
  • How to answer your customers' questions before they even ask them
  • How to infuse your personality and expertise into product descriptions

I use this checklist to audit Outdoor eCommerce stores

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