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Conversion optimization for Outdoor stores

You just made the jump from outdoor enthusiast to entrepreneur.

You wanted to turn your passion into a business. That makes it a little personal, doesn't it?

You came up with a name and a URL. Check.

You got a designer to set up your website. Check.

You secured a supply of gear and apparel. Check.

You're on a shoestring budget so you're handling everything by yourself. Customer service. Marketing. Packing. Shipping.

Not so great, but you'll manage.

You even signed up for Google Analytics. It's kinda complicated but you'll figure it out later.

Launch day comes aaaaand...crickets. A few sales trickle in, and the dream is starting to fade.

What happened? You used Shopify. Your site is stunning. You posted pictures to Instagram to promote your store.

What's the next step?

Turns out Outdoor eCommerce Stores follow all the same rules of marketing, business, and design as stores that sell bathroom tissue or vitamins.

Then there's a whole other set of rules that apply specifically to the kind of business you want to create. The passion brands. Companies that sell apparel and gear that are completely unnecessary but absolutely essential to the happiness and fulfillment of your customer.

And you already know how lucrative those markets are. You wouldn't have launched otherwise.

The good thing is...the internet. You can find enough articles and books and videos to keep you busy for months.

Even then, you would need to distill it all into something practical.

What if you don't have time for all of that?

You need a cheatsheet

Everybody's gotta start somewhere. Why not start by plugging the holes?

I've created a free checklist that I use to conduct hour-long website audit video for my Outdoor eCommerce store clients. 16 tested persuasion and psychology techniques that are baseline must-haves for stores like yours.

Outdoor eCommerce Cheat Sheet

16 key elements of store websites that convert

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